Carnaby Street Dental Practice


With the materials and techniques available today dramatic changes to the appearance of teeth can be achieved to enhance the smile, and your mouth will also feel more comfortable. Our team of specialists are members of British Dental Association (BDA), American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, The British Dental Society of Mercury Free Dentistry as well as many other well recognised bodies.

Address: 31 Carnaby St, Carnaby, London W1F 7DL
Phone: +44 20 7734 6421
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Recommended Reviews
Luke Gale
1 year ago
A botched mercury filling removal which will ultimately cost me four times what was paid to them On advice i sought to have a mercury filling removed. The tooth was functioning for 10 years without any symptoms. Not once did Carnaby SDP mention that the large filling would be technically difficult to remove; despite me visiting three times before the procedure. On my second visit, for the treatment, they had scheduled another customer for an appointment at the same time. A wasted morning. On the second trip the dentist gave the nurse a talking to whilst i was having treatment (for answering the phone when she wasn't meant to). As for my poor tooth: Well, apart from chewing over one side of my mouth for a few months (whilst i got past my newly developed fear of dentists) and the muscles in my jaw becoming lop sided, i eventually had a root canal, which didn't solve the problem either. An extraction is next.
Paul Gunaratnam
10 months ago
Wonderful dentist and hygenist, I had an emergency extraction over the xmas holidays and decided to have my cleaning done in Jan with CSDP. Both were serviced superbly. The quality of the service was excellent and the cleaning was the best Ive had in ages (still licking my teeth). Decently priced but definitely worth what you pay.
Rebecca Turner
7 months ago
The service here is second to none. Friendly and efficient staff and excellent dentistry. Sarah is top of her field, up to date with the latest industry developments, gives sound advice and truly cares about her clients. I'd recommend this practice to anyone who cares about their dental health. Very happy customer.
Stefania Saba
1 year ago
I went to get my teeth straightened... almost 6 months later they kept asking me to come back to to infinite hygienes and ok.. until the day i had a double session ( double price) booker for an intense one. Well, the only intense thing were the absolutely weird speeches the woman, cant remember the name but she is mentioned (not to my surprise) in the other reviews , about homeopathy, spirits, all the hippy and at some point scary things, Till the point she pierced my lips With a tool and i had enough. I also developed a scary infection later and coincidence or not, i never came back. Considered giving the studio a second chance since i left there so much money, but felt totally uncomfortable. I would not recommend, unless what you are looking for is superficial dental hygiene with a side of horror stories.
Claire Murphy
7 months ago
My first time back in the office after months away and I needed to see the dentist urgently. The receptionist offered me an appointment on the day after speaking with me on the phone. Very calm and polite receptionist. When I arrived, they were all just as polite, friendly and professional. Took my temp as I entered, took me into the surgery and had my tooth sorted there and then. Extremely professional and I felt so relaxed given the circumstances. I would definitely recommend and will be using their services again. 5*!!