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We are your friendly, professional and affordable private dental practice in London offering an extensive range of dental services at the clinic, including cosmetic, orthodontic, periodontic, endodontic, implant and cosmetic teeth whitening treatments, amongst other specialist dental services!

Address: 3rd Floor, 1 Harley St, London W1G 9QD
Phone: +44 20 7487 2711
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Recommended Reviews
Barbara GP
1 year ago
I went to this practice as I had an issue with my current wire retainer. My usual orthodontist is abroad and couldn't travel as before due to the covid situation. Had very high expectations. Paid around 200£ to have glue on the wire that didn't last more than 6 months. The appointment was very quick and rushed. Had to go to another practice – 92 Dental in Hammersmith – where I've paid less than half and I was even offered one X RAY to make sure everything was alright. Before I've had intact glue for 2+ years. Such a low standard. Never again. Total rip off.
Amy Ember
7 months ago
I had an amazing experience with Elleven dentist! My consultant was Dr Shivani who I found to be always knowledgeable about everything teeth related, but also really friendly throughout the whole experience. I just had my braces off today, and I can safely say that I would do the whole experience again (the highs and the lows) for the result as I am so happy with it! Thank you so much to Shivani and the entire elleven dental team who are always super friendly and for making it all possible!!
K Doug
1 year ago
I would highly recommend Katie she’s the best Dental Hygienist I’ve ever met! I’ve seen her a few times now and I’m always soo happy and pleased how the maintenance of my care has been as it’s made me even more dedicated to keeping my teeth clean! Katie takes the time to ensure you’re booked in for the right amount of time needed for your necessary treatment. She has fantastic aftercare advice which helps you sustain your results and maintaining good teeth health. All in all I’m very happy with all services received at Eleven Dental Practice and would highly recommend them any day!
9 months ago
This review is mainly about Dr Raul Costa at Elleven Dental Wellness. I will make sure to leave one about my experience with Elleven in general. I had Invisalign treatment and needed some cosmetic refinement in the end with composite bonding done by Dr Raul Costa. I trust Dr Raul Costa because of his actions not just his words. That’s rare and difficult to find. Dr Raul Costa is willing to do what he can to give you what you want. The results speak for themselves. I gave Dr Costa a hard time yet he listened to me, cared to build trust when I was panicking during the process, and worked hard to achieve what I wanted. He went out of his way to personally call me to talk to me, something that I really appreciated and that immediately made me feel at ease and reassured. Sometimes it’s not only about the result but about finding a doctor that cares not only about his work, but about making you happy and delivering results that are in line with your expectations, not just one that makes him/her look good by attaining set golden standards that do not cater to your own personal needs/goals/ desired result. I personally was more focused on my result looking good in person, and I was not simply looking for instagramable teeth. I wanted teeth that looked good from every single angle. Even though you might have a different aesthetic eye , he is still willing to see things from your own perspective and work on your own vision. He is willing to collaborate with you to get what you want, which is incredibly important as he is the one doing the work, and he is the one in control of the result. You are just sitting there with expectations and ideas that most doctors won’t try to meet. I think it’s important that they do but they often won’t. I was very specific. I was not going to be happy except he gave me what I asked for/ expected / knew I wanted. I am very detail oriented which he welcomed, and he did his best to deliver. My number one goal was natural and undetectable, and in the end he gave me as close as you can get with composite restoration. Now, I can say I am happy. When I look at my teeth, I see an improved version of my actual teeth with cleaner lines. He saw me twice after my initial appointment and gave me appointments quickly to make the necessary adjustments. He was nice, friendly and he did not make me feel like my feedback was unwelcome or being so specific was an issue. We ended up understanding each other and that’s what we all hope for from our doctors. Understanding. And great natural results of-course. I highly recommend Dr Raul Costa at Elleven Dental Wellness.
Ed Giddins
3 months ago
I was lucky enough to be introduced to Elleven dental(Sameer) at a charity golf event in 2018- following this introduction my wife and eldest son have MUCH straighter teeth. The service, care and professionalism throughout their 12 and 15 month procedures has been of the very highest standard ( Invisalign for wife and clear braces for son). My wife now smiles more frequently, and I don't get quite as much grieve when I attend yet another charity golf event. Win Win. Thank you very much indeed Elleven dental, highly recommended.