Forest & Ray


We are your friendly, professional and affordable private dental practice in London offering an extensive range of dental services at the clinic, including cosmetic, orthodontic, periodontic, endodontic, implant and cosmetic teeth whitening treatments, amongst other specialist dental services!

Address: 8F Gilbert Pl, London WC1A 2JD
Phone: +44 20 8124 6138
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Work Hours 8AM-9PM 8AM-9PM 8AM-9PM 8AM-9PM 8AM-9PM 8AM-9PM 10AM-6PM


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Recommended Reviews
Ewelina Czyzewska
1 year ago
Let me share a personal story. I'm not any more a patient at Forest & Ray, because I live too far from Central London. I was always satisfied with the professional service I got there and now I also got some feedback from my actual dentist! She told me that I was in really good hands at Forest & Ray because whoever did that root canal to me was an absolute top class professional! I would like to say thank you to you Dr. Kasiteridis! Highly recommended !
Kitti simonyi
7 months ago
Amazing service from the beginning to the end. Dr. Cristina she has given all her knowledge to help to reduce my tooth pain and save my tooth. I have had a root canal treatment with crown. She explained to me every step, she was very careful and gentle how she would work with that teeth. I am very pleased with the final product and look is just looks as a natural real tooth even the colour is perfect. Once I had a very bad pain and I was panicking that how I will servive until next appointment, phoned the clinic and they were able to free me a slot to see me asap and of course the pain has reduced dramatically which saved my life. I am very happy, and can not be enough thankful for Dr.Cristina and her support team. Highly recommended.
Anna Moss
1 year ago
Amazing service. Just came back from the appointment and already signed up for the next Monday for full clean and a full x-ray. From my experience, I need to say that I have a filling in almost all my teeth and I can tell bad and good dentist. I have seen so many of them in my life. After emergency appointment I was very happy to know that I can also book for a full clean up of all my teeth only after a few days. It is an amazing place with super professionals. Reception consultant is also very professional and friendly. Love it.
Italian Butterfly
7 months ago
I am absolutely enthusiastic about this clinic! Yesterday I had an appointment with Dr. Dzhukha to remove a broken tooth. She was absolutely amazing and her assistants as well! I am really happy and I will definitely continue with her. The receptionists are also very kind and professional. Highly recommended!
Ishmael Annobil
11 months ago
My relationship with this fine dental practice started some two years ago, when they accepted my daughter at short notice. She was in a very bad way! It was very obvious that this practice was a notch above the competition, what with their personable and professional admin support and after care protocol. My personal experience with them came by way of a ‘second opinion’ and remedial consultation after a terrible treatment at another practice. The procedure was understanding, gentle and unrushed, while the dentist gave me with highly informative titbits about dental health and oral pathology. I returned today for a scheduled hygienist session, and they exceeded my expectation again. Interestingly, their fees are not extraordinary at all for what they do. I like this practice very much, and recommend it highly.