Harley Street Dental Studio


We are your friendly, professional and affordable private dental practice in London offering an extensive range of dental services at the clinic, including cosmetic, orthodontic, periodontic, endodontic, implant and cosmetic teeth whitening treatments, amongst other specialist dental services!

Address: 52 Harley St, London W1G 9PY
Phone: +44 20 7636 5981
When you call or visit, tell them you found the company name information on our website at www. This will increase your chances of getting better service.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Work Hours 9:30AM-7PM 9:30AM-7PM 9:30AM-7PM 9:30AM-7PM 9:30AM-7PM 9:30AM-4PM Closed


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Recommended Reviews
Rahma Ben H
7 months ago
I’ve received a quote last year for £4,800 for Invisalign and we talked about the composite bonding as well (which was in my quote). I have been asked to pay upfront and I did it. I’ve never been mentioned that the bonding has to be paid separately. Anyway, I finished with Invisalign one year later and they pushed me to have my appointment asap for the composite bonding. Once done, I’ve been asked to pay an additional £1,300. I was very shocked. They have never mentioned that I would have to pay this extra fee but they keep saying they did. Let’s pretend it’s true, why didn’t they remind me to pay this extra amount before my appointment??? Now they threaten me to take me to court it I don’t pay the full amount right now! They have not been honest at all!! I don’t recommend this place at all!! Friday 20 May I’ve been now waiting for a week to get an agreement with the clinic but I haven’t been called back. I cannot reply to the comment I can just edit mine. I’ve been asked to speak to Kasey as per their reply but I have not spoken to Kasey but maybe an assistant. I’ve been asked to remove my review without any solution. They haven’t provided me with retainers night guards while I paid for them. But I’ve been asked to pay on top of the bonding, the retainers (that I have already paid for). This is ridiculous. Not ethical, not honest and not professional. Totally disappointed in the way this clinic is dealing with her patients. Robbery.
Maddy Fry
1 year ago
My experiences here have been incredibly positive. Peter McQuillan's warmth and empathy did a lot to ease my fears when I had to have three fillings put in, and I've been touched by the effort he makes to build a connection. As a result I've felt confident enough to continue with cosmetic treatment and am very happy with how it's turning out. I always enjoy the conversations we have in the surgery, and dental visits now feel like a catch-up with old friends, to the point where I sometimes barely notice the treatment is happening. The nurses have also been great, especially Megan. Needless to say, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Heather Turner
2 months ago
I can't speak highly enough of Ryan Abassi. He first treated me for orthodontic work when I was registered with another practice last year, and I've just completed follow-up treatment under his care at the Harley Street Studio. What sets him apart from many dentists that I've seen in the past, is not only his meticulous operational standards and passion for achieving excellence, but also his genuine interest and concern for his patients' comfort and care. Ryan's dedication to upholding exceptionally high standards of practice and to his patients, is a credit and an asset to both the Harley Street Dental Studio and to the dental profession as a whole. Thank you so much for everything.
Sean Dolan
1 year ago
Amazing staff and service . I haven't been to a dentist in quite a few years. I am always a little nervous when I go to the dentist. All the staff were all welcoming and professional . Tatiana dig a great job cleaning and polishing my teeth .Adam was reassuring and explained everything before and after the dental work . Very pleased customer
Yasemin Tatlıdede
11 months ago
I am Dr. Eslam’s patient for a year and my orthodontic treatment is about reach to the end. It was a pleasure to visit Harley Street Dental Studio each time as it operates to the highest standards. Dr Eslam is quite professional, knowledgeable and most importantly listens to his patients to see what their need is and how they would like to see their teeth in the mirror. Then he creates a treatment plan which suits best with the patients’ requests. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone looking for excellent dental experience!