Hyde Park Dental Clinic


We are your friendly, professional and affordable private dental practice in London offering an extensive range of dental services at the clinic, including cosmetic, orthodontic, periodontic, endodontic, implant and cosmetic teeth whitening treatments, amongst other specialist dental services!

Address: 61 Bayswater Rd, London W2 3PH
Phone: +44 20 7706 1112
When you call or visit, tell them you found the company name information on our website at www. This will increase your chances of getting better service.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Work Hours 9AM-5:30PM 9AM-5:30PM 9AM-5:30PM 9AM-5:30PM 9AM-5:30PM 9AM-5:30PM Closed


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Recommended Reviews
Cibele G
9 months ago
Fiquei realmente satisfeita com o atendimento. Todos os funcionários são muito atenciosos, recepcionistas, auxiliares e dentistas. A clinica é super organizada e limpa. Tratamento excelente e, o principal: não fazem propaganda enganosa, dizendo que atende pelo NHS quando na verdade só tem vaga para particular, como em diversos lugares. I'm really impressed with the treatment provided. Very clean and organized practice and all the staff are very helpful and professional.
Ellis Meade
8 months ago
I thought I’d found a great dentist at first and was happy with their service albeit they charged £180 for a standard clean. I went there because my inlay fell out. They stuck it back in twice and didn’t charge me the second time which I was happy about. However it fell out again and I’ve had a temporary glass filling put in. 2 weeks later this fell out and they have said it is a temporary filling despite it only being 2 weeks! Makes me not want to spend £750 on a filling (their price) if they just fall out!! FOLLOW UP: The practice sent me a message (below) asking me where I got these prices from (!) Sheri quoted me £180. This number was not plucked from thin air. Where was the £90 option when I was treated? Also, I was NEVER made aware of a £150 white filling when I enquired. I I guess only some people benefit from their lower prices then. Their reply below is an example of gaslighting, hence why I've reduced my review by a star.
Laura Pino Mena
2 months ago
I needed a super huge treatment on my teeth, 2 of them they were basically destroyed and I started a root canal treatment with the doctor Jacqueline Jacobs and she did such an amazing job, she let my smile perfect again, she was tender and careful with me. Even the receptionist, Thais, she was lovely and informed me of everything all the time. A great team, 100% recommendable.
Peter Shatwell
1 year ago
The dentist was friendly and knowledgeable, but the clinic was let down by the other staff. My initial interaction with the receptionists was curt and unwelcoming, and I was given no indication that my appointment would then be 15 mins late. I feel like I was forced to pay more money through underhanded sophistry; the pricing structure is opaque and almost deliberately confusing. It was not explained to me adequately beforehand or even afterward. The receptionists come across as incompetent and pretentious; not a good combination. I will not be coming back here.
Vero S
1 year ago
I usually don't post reviews but we I most appreciate the good services I received. Everything about this practice is excellent 5 stars really. Great hospitality! From the moment I walked into reception Fernando and Thayse always made me feel comfortable and welcome. My dentist Michel Furtado is very special, caring and highly professional. He explained everything in detail beforehand. I have to say I'm a very nervous patient as I'm allergic to anaesthesia but I was made to feel really at ease during my treatment thanks to Dr Michel and the very kind Nurse. I had my implant today and it feels just like my natural tooth. I can't be happier. I highly recommend this dental clinic.