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We are your friendly, professional and affordable private dental practice in London offering an extensive range of dental services at the clinic, including cosmetic, orthodontic, periodontic, endodontic, implant and cosmetic teeth whitening treatments, amongst other specialist dental services!

Address: The Corn Exchange 55, London EC3R 7NE
Phone: +44 20 7680 1800
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Recommended Reviews
Jay Bee
5 months ago
I highly recommend The Dental Surgery. I was referred here by my regular dentist for implant surgery with Dr Simon Nocturne. I am quite an anxious patient, but I can honestly say that the overall experience and the treatment has been so good it was almost relaxing! Simon is very warm, funny and clearly loves his work. I found him and his whole team really nice company. They gave me such dedicated care and attention throughout each appointment – for example, chatting to relieve my nerves, not rushing anything, and being sure to explain things clearly so I knew exactly what was going on. I especially appreciated one of the nurses giving my shoulder a comforting squeeze when I had my injections! I really felt very well cared for. I had zero pain during or after the treatment, and I'm actually looking forward to my next visit – as someone who was too scared to go for treatment for many years, this is huge!. Thank you to Simon and the whole brilliant team.
8 months ago
Extremely positive experience at the Dental Surgery. Rebecca and Jessie are both excellent hygienists. My most recent appointment was with Rebecca she was professional throughout and extremely thorough I was very impressed with the end result. The reception staff were also very accommodating and friendly. I would highly recommend this surgery for any of your dental needs.
E Zhang
5 months ago
I had an implant placed with Dr. Simon Nocton 7 weeks ago. One of his nurses gave me 5 types of medicines to take 30 mins before the operation without providing correct info about what the medicines were. The medicines have caused severe side effects on my body. 3 weeks later I emailed Simon and asked for full details about the medicines including the 2 black tablets. I was given a Pre-Surgery Medication sheet upon a check-up appointment. It turned out that the medicines were much stronger and higher doses than advised. I asked Simon to clarify what the black tablets were; nurse Mirran said they never had black tablets in the clinic. I asked to speak to the other nurse who advised me on the medicines before taken, but it has been 4 weeks now, I haven't received a response. Also the communications with them hasn't been easy in general in terms of advice on implant as I have done quite a bit of research on implant and crown restorations, but I don't always get answers for the questions I raised.
Wang li
9 months ago
I would like to express a big thanks to the amazing team at The Dental Surgery for providing a highly professional, successful, quick and painless wisdom tooth removal procedure. I called the clinic on a Friday morning to request for an emergency check up for an impacted wisdom tooth and was given an appointment on the following Monday. Dentist James Granger James assessed my condition on Monday and provided a swift and informative recommendation of the extraction plan for me. He was very patient to answer my questions and I booked in for the wisdom extraction the next day with Speciality Dentist Kate Yeaton who also works at Guys Hospital. As everything was happening really quick yet knowing that extraction was the best plan to end the pain of an impacted wisdom tooth, I walked into the clinical room feeling rather anxious. Kate and nurse, Rachel offered to play some music to help me calm down. It certainly helped! Kate explained the extraction procedure before we started. She was so encouraging during the whole process and was really clear on what was happening next. The whole process was completed in a breeze. Kate is really professional, knowledgeable, experienced and skillful. My wound healed really well and speedy within 5/6 days. The Dental Surgery clinic is right now my well trusted dental clinic and I have made appointments for my partner to go in for hygiene services and regular check up.
Charlie Wood
9 months ago
I have been a patient of Kirsty at the Dental Surgery for nearly 20 years, quite simply because nowhere else gets close on any level. Their medical expertise, the technology they use and the levels of professional customer service are second to none. I trust them completely and recommend them to everyone I know.